Metric's Guide to Developing an Annual Marketing Plan


Why did we create this guide?

Marketing planning is crucial for marketing success, and now an even more important activity in the new era of marketing. With all of the different channels and technology options available today, marketing can get complex and confusing. Traditional advertising, online marketing, customer experience, design and web technology are all parts of the modern marketing mix. Proper marketing planning is what brings everything together.

A strategic marketing plan should combine all of your organization’s marketing objectives into one holistic strategy, and provide a detailed, step-by-step execution plan. Better marketing planning means better marketing, and we are constantly developing, optimizing, and improving our process to ensure our planning is as comprehensive as possible.

The intent of this guide is to provide readers with a strong understanding of what marketing planning means, and to also provide a detailed look at the marketing planning process here at Metric.

Who Did We Create This For?

We created this guide for you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, chief executive, marketing director, marketing manager, marketing coordinator, or anyone else who needs to write a marketing plan to ensure your marketing is more effective, we created this guide for you. If you’ve struggled to write a marketing plan, or even if you’ve never written one at all, this guide is for you.

How To Use The Guide

Each chapter stands on its own and can be read separately. However, in order to get the most out of this guide, it’s best to read through everything we have here in its entirety. If you found what we’ve put together here useful, sharing is greatly appreciated.


Table of Contents

An outline of what we have included in this resource:

Chapter 1

Learning the Basics

A guide to getting started with your marketing plan. What is a marketing plan? Why do you need a marketing plan? What’s the difference between a marketing plan and business plan? This chapter will walk you through everything you need to know to kick start your marketing plan.

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Chapter 2

Before Developing Your Marketing Plan

The first step to developing any marketing plan is preparation. Market research will need to be done to ensure that you have all the information you need to develop an effective marketing plan. This chapter will detail everything you need to prepare before you start developing your marketing plan.

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Chapter 3

What to Include In Your Marketing Plan

This chapter will walk you through everything you need to include in your marketing plan. We guide you on how to properly define your target market and how to set SMART objectives to ensure your marketing plan is as effective as possible.

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Chapter 4

Budget Allocation

Your marketing plan needs to have a section in which you allocate budgets for each activity planned. People responsible for portions of the marketing activity should know exactly what funds are available to them. This chapter walks you through allocating budgets and tasks for your marketing plan.

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Chapter 5

Measurement and Tracking

Tracking and measuring your marketing plan is key to success. If you are not tracking and measuring you won’t know what marketing activity is working and what isn’t. This chapter shows you how to track and measure your marketing activity and how to interpret your data.

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Chapter 6

Next Steps

Now that you’ve written your marketing plan you’ll need to prepare yourself for the next half of the battle– implementation. Developing a marketing plan can be a complicated and difficult task. This last chapter covers a few tips and tricks to prepare you for implementing your marketing plan.

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