Reaching Credit Union Customers Online

A digital marketing approach to customer acquisition for the financial sector AT A GLANCE: How many people are online? What does reaching a banking customer with a digital ad look like? What’s aggregate data and why is it important? Building an ecosystem for digital marketing How many people are online? More than 4.33 billion people … Continued

Metric Introduces Summer School

No more pencils. No more books. The pace of life may have slowed down a bit, but that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should too. Over the next two months, we’ll be helping our partners to deepen their understanding of email marketing (July) and website analytics (August) with Metric’s Summer School. For tips and tricks … Continued

#SocialMedia – Daily Checklist

Distraction is the nature of social media. Getting lost in the endless stream of information happens to the best of us. You login with the best intentions to update your company’s daily piece of content (as stated in your marketing strategy) and get out, but somehow… an hour has passed

Instagram for Brands

Instagram, the photo and video sharing mobile app with over 150 million users, is the fastest growing social network since its launch in October 2010. Instagram also boasts the highest levels of social engagement among users, who upload on average 55 million photos every day.