Firm Foundations – How your brand architecture strategy influences the success of your marketing efforts

There are two schools of thought that sound alarm bells when the topic of branding (or rebranding) is broached. Branding can solve everything. Branding achieves nothing. The reality is that effective branding is tough. We’ve detailed the importance of branding to your marketing practice in previous resources, but continue to find that either the intangible nature … Continued

The Customer (Experience) is King – How improving CX will grow your business.

Once upon a time distinctive buy button and seamless checkout experience was all your online store required to impress your customer and differentiate from your competitors. But things have changed. The loyal customer now represents an endangered species in a world of e-commerce that has become more advanced and refined in its processes. Efficient e-commerce … Continued

The Importance of Building a Strong Brand Image

You may need to consider redesigning your visual identity if… You’re starting a new company or launching a new product You’re merging with another company You’re thinking of a name change You need to reposition or revitalize your brand Your brand looks outdated

The Ad Association of Winnipeg’s 2014 Signature Awards

The Advertising Association of Winnipeg’s annual Signature Awards showcases and recognizes the best advertising, marketing and design produced in Manitoba in the previous year. Metric Marketing was invited to the premiere event, held last night at the Metropolitan Events Centre, to recognize pieces of our client work that had been chosen as finalists in three categories by … Continued