Over Half of Online Shoppers Abandon Carts – Get Yours Back

What are abandoned cart emails? Abandoned cart emails, (also known as ‘recovery emails’) are an essential digital marketing tool used for targeting customers who have added products to their shopping cart but didn’t go on to complete the checkout process. As of January 2016, the UK web research company, Baynard Institute identified that the average … Continued

Reaching Credit Union Customers Online

A digital marketing approach to customer acquisition for the financial sector AT A GLANCE: How many people are online? What does reaching a banking customer with a digital ad look like? What’s aggregate data and why is it important? Building an ecosystem for digital marketing How many people are online? More than 4.33 billion people … Continued

Living the Philosophy of Measurement in the Metric Office

Metric encourages measurement in every initiative, be it a campaign, online content, or even support interactions with clients. The notion of what constitutes success, for our efforts and our marketing expenditures, is very important to us. We also live this philosophy internally in many ways. One of my roles as Office Manager is to measure … Continued

Analyzing Conversion Paths with Google Attribution

Earlier this month Google announced that the beta of their new analytics suite product, Google Attribution is being opened up to more advertisers following positive early results since its launch back in April. The newest addition to the G-Suite boasts some exciting new features – TV Attribution pairs ad spot data from broadcasters with relevant … Continued

Speaker Series: Branded Loyalty

Kevin MacNeil, Metric Marketing’s VP Accounts, is at the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Dare to Compete event discussing brand and how to market to an increasingly connected world. There’s been a fundamental shift in the marketing landscape over the past decade. Customers are learning about products and services in an entirely different way. More and … Continued

Cross Domain Tracking Is Easier Than You Think

In the online marketing game, analytics are everything. Measuring ruthlessly allows you to inform your decisions and make the best use of your advertising dollars to connect with your customers. Google Analytics (GA) is the industry benchmark for gathering data about your website’s visitors. But what happens when your company has more than one website? … Continued

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Tailor Your Analytics Reporting to Different Decision Makers

Reporting your digital data via monthly marketing reports has become the standard way to justify a company’s marketing spend with upper management and clients. But here in the age of data overload, not all data is relevant to all levels within an organization. While there are many marketing reporting dashboards, free and paid, available to … Continued

Metric Introduces Summer School

No more pencils. No more books. The pace of life may have slowed down a bit, but that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should too. Over the next two months, we’ll be helping our partners to deepen their understanding of email marketing (July) and website analytics (August) with Metric’s Summer School. For tips and tricks … Continued

Firm Foundations – How your brand architecture strategy influences the success of your marketing efforts

There are two schools of thought that sound alarm bells when the topic of branding (or rebranding) is broached. Branding can solve everything. Branding achieves nothing. The reality is that effective branding is tough. We’ve detailed the importance of branding to your marketing practice in previous resources, but continue to find that either the intangible nature … Continued